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For those “family of guests” whose mouths are already watering in anticipation of Pesach 2019, you’d better start that pre-Pesach diet even earlier. Why? Because we know what you love and precisely how you love it. That’s why Chaim Levy, our Executive Chef & the culinary team he’s assembled aren’t just the best in the business, but the best period. And because we believe even the best isn’t good enough for our family, we’ve given these world-class culinary masters one simple directive: “Do it better, fresher, hotter, and healthier than ever.”


Not just any Executive Chef has the skills and creativity to match–let alone surpass ,the amazing culinary reputation we at Passover Getaway are B’H known for.
Which is good, because Chaim Levy is anything but “just any” Executive Chef
Thanks to a combination of fresh thinking and a commitment to using fresh, farm to table inspired products whenever possible, Chaim is known as the “foodies choice” for premium kosher catering.


Despite the fact he’s considered one of the kept secrets in the field (or perhaps because of it) Chaim–and his world-class culinary team at Diamond Caterers, have produced countless weekend and midweek events at some of the tri-state area’s most exclusive hotels and party venues. While the locations and themes run the gamut from “heymish yet gourmet” Shabbos Simchas to high-end organizational dinners, the one constant is the impeccably innovative dining experience that’s known as “Signature Chaim”

From inspired “breakfast bar “buffets for a community town-hall to lavish 8 course dinner parties, Chaim is known for “sweating” the details as much as the big picture and doing whatever it takes to ensure mouthwateringly a delicious dining experience.

Even when he’s not working, Chaim’s still working– discovering and mastering new techniques like Sous Vide while simultaneously perfecting his skills at the BBQ and smoker. Small wonder he was invited to be one of the select few chefs to appear at KFWE(Kosher Food & Wine Expo)2019–the most anticipated Kosher Foodie event of the year

If Chaim’s “exploratory” menus for Pesach 2019 are any indication, his plans for our Passover Getaway family are sure to showcase his legendary skills as never before. Here at Passover Getaway we’re firm believers in hiring the best– then supplying them with whatever they need to be even better–that’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Chaim will be augmenting the Hyatt’s award-winning “culinary crew” with top members of “Team Diamond” including line, prep and sous chefs, confectioners, pastry experts bakers and Gard Mangers — all to ensure that every Seder, Seuda, Supper, BBQ, Buffet Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner etc taste–and look, as deliciously flawless as possible.

Count on all of your Getaway Gourmet Hall of Fame favorites being there, just better tasting and looking than ever before. Plus, they’ll share the serving station with some of Chaim’s dazzlingly new “Haute Meets Heimish” entrees.
Plus, as we all prefer eating to waiting, we’ve also beefed up our dining room and wait-staff to the point where our guest-to-server ratios is one of the best out there.

So regardless of your expectations, prepare to have them exceeded!

Speaking of exceeding, if the previews we’ve been sampling are any indication, we highly recommend you begin that pre-Pesach diet yesterday, because in addition to the aforementioned seders, seudas, breakfasts, brunches, BBQ’s etc, you’ll also be enjoying;

  • 24/10 TEA ROOM: Fully staffed and ready to provide you with 24 hour/10 day access to our famous fresh cakes & pastries, “small batch”, home-made candies & confection, smoothies, coffee, cappuccinos, fresh fruit, cookies, pies, and tea.
  • CHOL HAMOED ANYWAY/ANYWHERE LUNCH-LAND: Staying on site? Dine al fresco at our Poolside BBQ or do lunch at the Premiere Coffee Bar.
  • GETAWAY GRAB & GO: Planning a day trip? Plan on stopping by our Getaway Grab & Go self-serve sandwich and salad bar. We make it easy to pack for the parks with the perfect picnic lunch. Or, are you running late? Our Getaway Gourmet Dinner Buffet runs on “Orlando Time,” which means extended hours come standard.

Passover Getaway is honored once again to welcome Dov Novoseller as our ballroom host.

Dov also known as (Novie), is well know in the kosher foodie world as a lawyer and connoisseur of the modern kosher culinary panorama, both domestically and internationally. He has presided over a diverse array of culinary environments ranging from commercial catering establishments to high-end sit down restaurants and covering posts from the line to the host stand. Novie is an innovator in the kosher food industry. He successfully opened two acclaimed and unique restaurants in Teaneck, New Jersey. The wildly successful ETC Steakhouse, revered by kosher foodies everywhere and the recipient of many awards including three stars from the New York Times, and the well know sports bar The Teaneck Doghouse. Currently, Novie consults at both establishments and in general in the food service and Kashrus industries. Novie will be available in the ballroom for our all of our guest needs, dietary or otherwise.
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