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Don’t let our name–or stunning property, amazing cuisine and phenomenal programming–fool you, Pesach Getaway isn’t a program you “go away” to, it’s a program you “come home” to. Just ask the countless families-and extended families-who’ve been entrusting us to make their Pesach perfect for almost a decade.

Our secret? You could say it’s our program, property and proximity to “everything Orlando”-an especially attractive plus this Chol Hamoed Pesach. And while you wouldn’t be wrong, you would be missing the real attraction of Passover Getaway: our ability to create a Yom Tov environment with the genuine warmth, caring, and attention to detail that has everyone feeling like family.

Regardless of where, when, or with whom you’ve spent Pesach, nothing can prepare you for the one-of-a-kind attentiveness and “best of its kind” experience that’s defined us for almost a decade.

Family First + Yom Tov Always = A Pesach That’s About Everything Except Compromise

From working hand-in-hand with the award-winning Hyatt Regency staff to creating our signature “right at home” ruach, ensuring a first-class family Yom Tov experience is always a priority. Small wonder that we’re considered a part of the countless families who’ve entrusted us with their Pesachs. It’s a trust we don’t take lightly-like every other part of our program!

When you’re with Passover Getaway 2019, you’re family. And family is everything at Passover Getaway 2019.

We’re about more than ensuring perfection in terms of the “physical,” because at Passover Getaways, the ‘intangibles” matter as well. Prepare to experience a Pesach that sets the bar for both Yom Tov & Z’man Cheruseynu, because at Passover Getaway 2019, your values aren’t just reflected, but respected as well.

It’s a stay that will elevate as it elates. From the moment you arrive, you’re a part of a Pesach where no expense has been spared to make you feel part of a warmly wonderful, real family Pesach.

Looking forward to hosting you personally,

The entire passover gateway- family
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