World-Class Cuisine

Catering by the internationally acclaimed Petak’s Catering

We are pleased to have Mr. Gary Rubin and his international culinary team of Petak’s Glatt Kosher Catering join us once again this year. Gary, with over fifteen years of catering experience and running of world-class Passover programs, will bring a new dimension to The Hyatt Orlando, Florida. His culinary team is made up of a collection of the world class gourmet chefs in the kosher food industry, with years of experience working with the leading Passover program. Our creative menu with delectable choices will assure everyone the most elegant and tasteful Passover experience. Petak’s Culinary Team will bring a redefined palatable delight to this year’s Passover program.

Petak’s Catering has catered events all over the United States. Most notably, Gary catered the White House Chanukah party during the tenure of President George Bush.

Petak’s is an allergy friendly catering company, and capable of serviceing our allergic clients in a safe and worry free environment.
The Passover Getaway Program is under the strict supervision of the GLATT KOSHER • CHOLOV YISROEL NON-GEBROKTS

Round-the-Clock Delicacies

Our twenty-four-hour tea room filled with fresh baked pastries, exclusive homemade candies, hot & cold beverages, smoothies, cappuccinos, fresh fruit, cookies and pies – you will forget that this is a Passover program! Lavish Yom Tov meals, elegant Sedorim, late night tea rooms and daily cooking classes are some of the things you’ll be treated to.

Lunch in Luxury

Chol Hamoed lunches are available either in our Premier Coffee House or by our Poolside Backyard BBQ. If you are planning a trip on chol hamoed, a full self-serve sandwich and salad shop is available to prepare your picnic lunch meals. Plus, no need to worry if you stay out late in the parks, the dinner buffet will be waiting for you.

A Wine Tasting Experience

Exotic wines from around the world will abound, at our exclusive wine tastings led by Mr. Shlomo Blashka. Shlomo has been a Wine and Spirits Educator with Royal Wine for ten years and will lead nightly wine tastings. Learn how to pair exquisite kosher l’Pesach wines and spirits with our delectable dishes, so you can enjoy your lessons immediately!

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